Niklaamo Rautio Oy was established in 1952. The family company has concentrated on plating and grinding. The operations began in a basement of a house with Rosberg’s coffee pots and Oras products. Niklaamo Rautio Oy moved to its current location in 1962. At the moment the company employs four people in Turku.


The water treatment equipment used at Niklaamo Rautio Oy is a chemical coagulation-clarification-filtration plant in which part of the water is decanted straight away. Coagulant is filtered to band filter in neutralization and onwards to sewer. The filter cloth (containing the waste) ends up at a Ekokem waste treatment plant.
The equipment enables the company to process several waste waters formed at the process. These waters may entail chrome, copper, nickel and zinc. Also water with cadmium and led content can be processed in the equipment.
The equipment is batch-based. The water is pumped to the reactor based on how much waste water is formed in the plant. The waste water processed through the water treatment equipment is clearly under the reference values in Turku.